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Reclaimed Wood Art

Add warmth and beauty to your home with an upcycled wood art creation. Each piece is one–of–a–kind and made by hand at our workshop in Colorado.

We Are Responsible

While wood does actually grow on trees, we value recycled materials and responsible home decor. We up-cycle old wood because it’s beautiful and it’s the right thing to do.

Hand Made

You value craftsmanship and the time and effort that it takes to create something by hand. We do too. While we do use power tools, every piece has it’s own character brought out by hours of actual human work, not a factory machine.

Reclaimed Wood Art

Wood Art adds warmth to any space, and using reclaimed wood adds character you can only find by giving new life to an old piece of wood. We create all of our work from wood that was once something else.

Pallets are used to transport goods around the world and over 50% of pallets are used once and then burned, stored, or thrown away. We know a lot about pallets and when we use them we use only heat-treated pallets used to transport non-dangerous goods. Most of our pallets spent their life transporting landscaping stones before becoming artwork!

Old barns, fences, and other people’s scrap wood are some of our favorite places to reclaim wood for our art. We make sure to use wood that hasn’t been painted to avoid any of those chemicals. We also pass on anything with unidentified stains and rotten wood. When someone remodels their house because they don’t like the look of the old wood in the house, we’ll happily take those old boards and give them new life!

Factories produce brand new items every day for sale to customers around the world. Those products are cheap and can be found everywhere. We create one–of–a–kind items by up-cycling something old and forgotten to make something beautiful and unique. We believe it’s our responsibility to leave the world better than we found it. Reducing the number of trees lost to deforestation, even if it’s only a few each year, is a small way we are contributing to the solution.

Our reclaimed wood art is 100% up-cycled material and we only use wood that has been previously used when we create something new. The unique pieces we create are truly unique works of art.

Responsibly Up-cycled Decor

Hand Made

The industrial age threatened to destroy the need for individual craftsmen and craftswomen. People with big visions for bringing civilized items to many people instead of only a few created giant factories and reaped the profit of scale. Craftspeople struggled to compete with the low-cost of those items.

Today we are experiencing a renewal of the individual craft and many people once again value the time and effort of hand made items. The internet has made it possible for the individual craftsman to reach a broad audience.

We make everything by hand and there is no factory machine blindly churning out thousands of replicas of our wood art. Depending on the requirements of the piece, we may be found using a block plane, chisel, or sanding block, spending hours molding and shaping the wood into what we want it to be.

Supporting us and our work is supporting handmade craftsmanship and we are profoundly grateful!